Perpetuating The Sarah Szafranski Endowment Fund
Dear Friends,Some of you may have heard about Sarah Szafranski, a beautiful 16-year old young woman who was diagnosed in 2000 with lymphoma/leukemia. At the time she was diagnosed, she decided her goal was to become involved in oncology in order to play an integral role in finding a cure for cancer.As a testament to her character, when Sarah learned that the disease was winning her desire then became to still help find a cure, but in a different way. Her wish was to establish a fund in her name that would enable researchers to continue to work toward finding a cure. She played an active role in making her wish a reality.There are many people who have been touched by Sarah and her experience. None of us involved in this effort ever realized in the beginning how far-reaching Sarah’s dream would become — somewhere in the process, her dream became our dream.

Sarah probably didn’t realize the enormity of the gift she was giving to all of us by drawing us into her crusade, but it is a gift that will continue to give — especially when we reach the day when a cure for cancer is found.

It is unfortunate that almost all of us know of someone who has lost their battle with cancer. It is a disease that does not discriminate. There are many stories of valiant battles with this cruel disease. In many of these battles, the disease is conquered, but not enough are won. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if there was no more suffering and cancer were a disease of the past?

Now that Sarah is no longer with us, the crusade has taken on a new meaning. We are asking for your help in perpetuating Sarah’s dream. We continue to get closer to the day when we will all be able to benefit from Sarah’s selflessness and compassion. All contributions to Sarah’s fund will go solely toward funding cancer research.

You may donate at ORLANDO HEALTH FOUNDATION or you may write a check to Orlando Health Foundation and indicate on your check that it is for the Sarah Szafranski Endowment Fund.

Please mail your donations to:

Sarah Szafranski Endowment Fundc/o Bob SzafranskiP.O. Box 948011Maitland, Florida 32794

All contributions will be recognized with a letter from Orlando Health Foundation for your tax records. Many corporations express support of their employees by matching, or multiplying their employees’ charitable gifts to the Foundation up to a set amount. Before making a gift in support of the Sarah Szafranski Endowment Fund at Orlando Health Foundation, you may want to ask your employer whether they participate in such a program. Certain restrictions apply to matching gifts; please consult your company’s personnel or human resources office for further information. Please note that some companies also match spouses’ gifts.

We thank you for your support and generosity. Please feel free to share this request with anyone who also wishes to see the day cancer is a disease of the past.
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